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Pricacy and Cookie Policy for dirsyncpro.org

This is the Privacy and Cookie Policy for dirsyncpro.org (this website).

Cookies and personal data collection

This website by itself does not collect any personal data. This website by itself uses functinal cookies only to save site preferences. However, this website includes and uses third party functionality/content which might use cookies and also might collect and use personal data. These third party functionalities and content are listed below.

Third Party cookies and personal data collection

This websites includes and uses the following third party functionality and content:

  • Google Adsense is used to serve advertising. Google Adsense might collect personal data for personalization of ads and might use cookies for personalized and non-personalized advertising. For more information on the privacy policy of Google Adsense please visit: Google Privacy and Terms and Google Privacy Policy.

Disabling cookies

If you wish, you may disable cookies in your web browser settings. Please consult the help contents of your web browser to find out about the options.